Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why The Brunch Network?

You know those people who are often waiting for that “sign” to help them make major decisions? Or that “nudge” of motivation from something to encourage themselves to go out and do whatever it is that they are too afraid to do?  I used to be that person.

About a year ago, I was about to move in with my long time boyfriend and his daughter, I had a great job in a field I had absolutely no experience in, but enjoyed it, my previously rocky relationship with my parents was evolving into something I had always wished it would be. Life was great. But I felt like I was another face in the crowd, trying to fit in a mold that everyone else was already in.

I had a few pinterest boards where I pinned places I’d eventually like to visit, foods I’d eventually like to try, and hobbies I’d eventually like to learn. But that’s all they were; just ideas and wishes. Maybe when I had enough money and more time I would eventually do it, but when exactly is “eventually”? Then, I got that sign I didn’t know I needed ...and that sign came to be one of my closest friends and now, business partner. Pam is one of those people who will encourage you to do anything and she’ll be right there next to you. You want to go to Miami and salsa in little havana? Pam will have the flight prices and an AirBnB location ready to book. You want to take ukulele lessons? She’ll show up the next day with her ukulele and ready to meet the teacher when you’re ready. What better nudge do you need than a friend who’s ready and willing to help you pursue YOUR dreams?! And that’s why we have created this site: to give you that spark of possibility.

This blog is here to encourage you to meet new people, try new things and go to places you’ve only seen in pictures. We’re going to show you where the locals eat, how to meet new people, and experience things you wouldn’t have, without talking to them, and so much more. If there ever was a time to follow your dreams, it is now. Because if not now, when?




  1. Great concept and ideas! Congrats!

  2. Can't wait to read more and get encouraged to actually do the stuff I said I would do!